my sugar outfit..

hello loves this is happening now… One of my latest post’s, close to the weather of athens lately, cold and windy… Not that i’m complanning, since i love this time of year i love the layerings at the outfits, and of cource i love the (almoste) total white outfit,so high in the top of my list of styles that i’m “trying” to wear this season as i’m a huge fun of black, at least for fall and winter, but as you can see i’m  struggling to add some color in my life and you should to the same… I bought this jacket at the sales department at the end of the summer and you can not even imagine how desparately i was waitting to wear it, as many of you are following me at instagram you have already seen it like a million of times, i’ll trying to wear it less i’m not promising anything just saying… Once again the lovely le pantorine in my arms  why to spend all of my money in chanel when i can have a bag like that, always classy with the quote of the day ..



BeFunky_DSC_2868.jpg BeFunky_DSC_2874.jpg BeFunky_DSC_2867.jpg

yeap new post..

yeap second post so soon, i’m trying to be a good blogger from now on… I’m kind of proud for me (hahahah jogging) As you know the leather pants is a huge trend for this winter and i had the honor to wear one of the best black leather pants from reiko, a company well known all over the world and personaly one of my favourites! The shirt is reiko as wel,l but their pants are some kind of adiction to me, you have definetly check their site for more infos.. As long as the amazing le pantorine bag no words can describe how cool and comfy they are for sure one of my fist choice if i’m in a hurry, big bags with lovely logos and amazing design!! Catch you later.. can’t wait to show you some of my work, the projects that i had been working all this time.. soon to come..


BeFunky_DSC_2843.jpg BeFunky_DSC_2839.jpg BeFunky_DSC_2861.jpg

hello hello after so long…

hello my dears it’s have been so long time since my last post, this is actually a post i had prepared about two months ago but i never had the time to post it.. I would dare to say one of my favourites, for some reason i really love this outfit the photos, and of course the amazing cromia bag one of my latest adictions a special company that i latelty met but felt instantly in love, all these bags the quantity of colors the quality of the leather, everything is perfect … hope to post more because i really missed you…



BeFunky_DSC_2811.jpg BeFunky_DSC_2826.jpg BeFunky_DSC_2827.jpg BeFunky_DSC_2830.jpg BeFunky_DSC_2836.jpg

mix post from my summer in tinos

hey loves it’s been a while once again i know i haven’t been loyal to my post’s as i should… To be honest with you i admire all these blogger who despite their daily duty they always find time to make regular post’s… this is my last post from my summer you can see some mix photos, as many of you follow me through instagram you have already seen the most of my outfits plus many others till now… I would like to thank once again act and react for their contribution to my posts….love elli

pink jumpsuit:homesies/dress:american vintage/orange sunglasses:glass of brixton/


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